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*Your solo will be sent within 12 hours, usually sooner. You will get a confirmation email once it has been sent.

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Who are going to see my ad?

People that are interested in the internet marketing/online business niche. We have acquired our list from a variety of different sources such as FB groups and other social media platforms, forums, newsletters, paid ads, email-marketing, etc.

How exactly does this work?

The process in sending your ad is pretty much the same as any regular solo. After submission, we will review your ad to determine which list segment it is most likely to receive the best result from. For example, if you just want sign ups for a regular biz opp, we will send your ad to the group that are most interested in it. Likewise, if your offer has to do with bitcoin, we will match your ad to the list acquired from bitcoin sites, forums, and other relevant sources.

For the Optimum pack, what does “sent to 3 different lists” mean?

For optimum results, your ad will not be sent to the same group twice. We will first send your ad to the most relevant list, then the next 2 will be sent to two others different groups that may also be interested in your offer.

Terms Of Service

1. Your offer must not be deceiving in any way, shape, or form.

2. Solo ads that are deemed inappropriate will be cancelled. A full refund will be sent within the same day.

3. Free offers and downloads must be easy to access.

4. Even though we monitor every campaign, the success of your ad is not entirely up to us. It is up to you to have a good converting offer and sales funnel.


Your solo ad will be sent to a portion of our internet marketing subscriber base of over 200,000 acquired from a wide range of sources such as site newsletters, FB groups, lead-buying services, etc.


Your ad/link will be sent out to the list segment most relevant to it. If, for example, your link is for a bitcoin biz-opp, we’ll send your ad to the group most likely to respond to it.


Each submitted ad is monitored in the backend and if open rates are low, we’ll re-add it to the queue as well as send it to the rest of our list that is outside of the main category of the ad, but still somewhat relevant.